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European car hire excess insurance

From just £2.99 per day and £39.99 per year you can purchase comprehensive European cover for total peace of mind.

USA & Canada car hire excess insurance

Excellent levels of cover for motoring in the USA and Canada are available from just £6.99 per day and £119.99 per year.

Worldwide car hire excess insurance

For just £3.99 daily or £59.99 per year you'll be able to travel anywhere in the world with our rental car insurance.

Our car hire excess insurance can save you money

Save with our car hire excess insuranceSave money and enjoy complete peace of mind with our car hire excess insurance. Car rental companies can hit you with an excess of up to £1600 for a single incident. So although you may think you're comprehensively covered, you could still end up having to pay out a considerable amount of money. Our car hire excess insurance enables you to cut out the cost of the excess, so you really can enjoy comprehensive cover without having to worry about an enormous bill. Our daily European car hire excess insurance starts at just £2.99 a day, and annual from just £39.99. You'll be covered against the many types of peril that constitute risks when you're out on the road.

What's more, cover for damage to areas of your car that is usually excluded comes as standard with our car hire excess insurance policies. So if your roof, windscreen, undercarriage or tyres sustain damage as the result of a motoring accident the competitively priced policies on our site will give you the appropriate type and level of cover.

We recognise the real threats posed by being out on the road and are dedicated to providing you with car hire excess insurance packages, for every type of incident that could result in damage to your rented vehicle; therefore, we can protect you against the potential damage your vehicle could sustain as the result of road rage and carjacking. This kind of cover comes as standard with the policies available on our site. Also, travel and hotel expenses can be covered should you be unable to use your hired car due to damage and for annual policyholders sixty days continuous cover comes as standard. All this cover is included in the competitively priced car hire excess insurance you'll find here, so you'll save money when insuring your hired vehicle through our site.

You'll be able to use the hire car excess insurance you buy with us with all car rental agreements worldwide and cover is also available for Car Club members, so whatever your motoring requirements you'll find what you're looking for.

The process of obtaining car hire excess insurance is made straightforward and hassle free by our online quote system. Click on 'Get a quote' to start the process and save money on European and Worldwide car hire excess insurance.

Car rental excess insurance

Car rental excess insuranceCar rental excess insurance exists to protect you against the potential calamities that could occur when you're driving a rented vehicle. Excesses, however, are often expensive and car rental insurance policies frequently fail to provide customers with the cover they require.

Not at Hire Car Excess. Our car rental excess insurance cuts out the excess completely and starts at just £2.99 per day. It will provide you with cover for damage to your windscreen, tyres, undercarriage and roof - parts of the vehicle not usually protected by insurers.

Car rental excess insurance policies that incorporate a wide range of attractive and indispensable features are available through our site. Full Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) sometimes known as Car Hire Damage Waiver and Supplementary Liability Insurance (SLI), required for USA & Canada car hire excess insurance packages as well as South America, the Caribbean and some countries in the Middle and Far East, can be built into your policy.

An extensive list of optional add-ons will also be available to you so you'll be able to tailor your car rental excess insurance policy to suit your motoring needs. Vehicle rental cancellation insurance, vehicle key replacement, additional policyholder, personal accident and effects cover are all available and will help you ensure you have the right type and amount of insurance in place before you hit the road.

Fantastic annual rates are also available for those looking to insure for a longer period of time; for just £39.99 for Europe and £59.99 worldwide you can ensure you're covered for damage that may be sustained as the result of a variety of possible hazards.

Your car rental excess insurance needn't cost the earth and should protect you and your vehicle in a range of situations. The car rental insurance policies available through our site satisfy both requirements so you'll have total peace of mind when out on the road.

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Daily and annual car hire excess

Both annual and daily car hire excess insurance is available through our easy-to-use site. We don't want you to end up with any cover you don't actually need so we're dedicated to giving you the flexibility to tailor your car hire excess insurance policy to your specific motoring needs.

You'll be surprised at how little it will cost to purchase your daily car hire excess insurance. Daily cover starts at just £2.99, can be used with all car rental agreements worldwide and comprises cover for damage to the windscreen, roof tyres & undercarriage.

Annual car hire excess insurance begins at a mere £39.99 and includes 60 days continuous cover as standard in addition to cover for damage to the areas of your car mentioned above - areas not usually insured in car rental insurance.

You'll also be able to build optional policy features into your car hire excess insurance. Personal accident and effects cover, vehicle rental cancellation, vehicle key replacement and cover for another policyholder can all be incorporated into your policy at a hard-to-beat price.

Worldwide car hire excess quotes

Worldwide car hire excess quotes are available for policies that can protect you and your hired car anywhere in the world. Because you may want to hire a car in any country we don't want you to be restricted when choosing your car hire insurance. That's why we'll offer you worldwide car hire excess quotes from just £3.99 daily and £59.99 annually.

A generous amount of cover comes as standard. You'll be protected in cases of damage to the car sustained as a result of road rage or carjacking and for any travel or hotel expenses you incur, if you're unable to use your hired vehicle.

Worldwide car hire excess will save you from paying the large fees usually demanded by car hire insurance companies after an incident and will mean that you have comprehensive levels of cover anywhere in the world.

Through our user-friendly site you'll attain the freedom to hire cars anywhere in the world safe in the knowledge that, should an unfortunate accident occur, you'll be covered and won't have to pick up the cost yourself. If you think it's too good to be true, you're just a few clicks away from worldwide car hire excess insurance quotes that can save you money.

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