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Car hire excess insurance

Find out about car hire excess insuranceObtaining car hire excess insurance needn't be a stressful and time-consuming business. You'll want to get it done in the shortest amount of time possible and for the best price, so you can get onto to the more pleasurable task of planning your travels. We've made it straightforward to purchase car hire excess insurance tailored to your specific travelling needs. What's more, the policies you can buy through us will cut out the large excess that you usually have to pay if your hire car is damaged in an accident. So for the tiny sum of just £2.99 per day you can purchase comprehensive car hire excess insurance to insure your rented car against a variety of risks and to give you peace of mind when on your travels.

You may be going on a short trip in your hire car or wish to plan your travels on a day-to-day basis. The car hire excess insurance you can purchase here will be able to accommodate your spontaneity or your desire not to insure your hire car for a prolonged period of time. In this case you purchase a generous amount of cover for just £2.99 per day for travel within Europe and just £3.99 per day for worldwide travel.

It might be cheaper, however, for you to purchase an annual car hire excess insurance policy. If so, the prices are still attractively low with European car hire excess insurance cover available from just £39.99 or £59.99 per year and £59.99 for Worldwide car hire excess insurance cover.

You'll be able to insure your hire car against damage sustained as a result of a variety of potential risks – including road rage, carjacking, theft, attempted theft and collision. Many car hire excess insurance companies won't provide you with cover for parts of your hired vehicle most likely to sustain damage: the windscreen, roof, tyres and undercarriage. We will, however, so you'll be fully covered.

The smallest accidents – usually the result of forgetfulness – can frequently prove to be the most annoying and costly to rectify. Losing your car keys is one such incident and hire car insurance companies often charge you a small fortune, if it happens. Not here: your car hire excess insurance can include the additional cover for just £4.99 for a single trip or £9.99 for the whole.

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Get a hire car excess insurance quote

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